Viva La Dirt League
Who are the members of Viva La Dirt League?
The official members of Viva La Dirt League are Adam King, Rowan Bettjeman and Alan Morrison. Learn more in History.
How can I support Viva La Dirt League?
Great question! The best way is by becoming a Patreon supporter:

If you are unable to support them financially: watch, like, subscribe and share their YouTube videos!

Where did the name Viva La Dirt League come from?
Viva started out making Starcraft parody music videos. Starcraft has a ranking system; bronze, silver, gold, etc, but they considered themselves below bronze in skill and so they added their own level “Dirt League”. But the name Dirt League was taken so they added “Viva La" to "Dirt League” and hence "Viva La Dirt League" was born!
Where are Viva La Dirt League from?
Viva La Dirt League are from Auckland, New Zealand.
What is the best way to watch Viva La Dirt League videos?
The official YouTube channel is the best place to stay up to date with the most recent releases and previously released series:
Does anyone in Viva La Dirt League work for Playtech?
No, none of the Viva La Dirt League members have ever worked for Playtech. They are friendly with the owner and have permission to film there and use the brand name.
Is Playtech a real store?
Yes, it is a single branch only store based in Auckland, New Zealand. Check them out!
Is this Viva La Dirt League’s only job?
Yes, Adam, Alan and Rowan left their respective careers circa 2018 to make Viva La Dirt League their primary focus.
How did Viva La Dirt League meet?
Through the New Zealand film industry. Alan and Rowan met circa 2011, Adam joined the group in 2016. For a longer explanation please see History
What game is Epic NPC Man based on?
Epic NPC Man is an original series based around various MMORPGs, but particularly Skyrim and World of Warcraft and RPGs like the Witcher. It draws influences and quirks from a wide range of games.
Can I suggest a skit idea to Viva La Dirt League?
Yes, though you probably will not receive feedback or notification. The Google form can be found at
Is that Rowan in [TV show] [Movie] [Advertisement]?
Rowan, along with several Viva La Dirt League guest stars, has appeared in several television shows, advertisements and films. Rowan’s showreel can be found at
Do Viva La Dirt League stream?
Yes! There is no set schedule, but follow them on Twitch:

Alan: Rowan: Adam: Ben: Britt:

Can I play video games with Viva La Dirt League?
Yes! People in the $10 and above subscription tier on Patreon can join in on Patreon Games once a month. Subscribers need to link Patreon to the VLDL Discord channel to get the password to the games first. Non-subscribers can join too, but only Patrons can play on teams with Viva La Dirt League.
How do I link my Patreon with discord to access my benefits?
You can do so by following the instructions provided by Patreon.
Do Viva La Dirt League have any official Merchandise?
Yes! Apparel and accessories can be purchased from either or
How do I get my Viva La Dirt League SteelSeries discount?
Simply enter the code VLDL12 in the coupon section to get a 12% discount and support Viva La Dirt League.
I got a message from a member of Viva La Dirt League. Is it genuine?
Probably not. Check out the Social Media page for official channels. There are fake accounts luring people to get their data. VLDL addressed this issue on 3. December 2019 on their facebook page:
Is this page run by Viva La Dirt League?
No, this is a fan created page, but all information within is obtained from reliable sources.